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LANGUAGE 語言: ENG | 繁中 | 简中


We can make a difference!

Ching Ah (H.K.) Printing Co. Ltd. (“Ching Ah”) was founded in 2003. In the past decades, the printing industry has gone through tremendous changes. “Keep innovation and improvement” is the support to our growth. Our customer-oriented and sincere services always gain trust and praise from our clients.

To keep our competitiveness and extend our business to the Mainland market, we established Ching Ah (China) Printing Co. Ltd. in 2013. Ching Ah (China) is determined to create a new standard of printing for their customers. To serve the needs of our SME customers, we provide all-in-one printing services to our clients. From concept creation to design and printing production, we are devoted to giving our customers’ one-stop printing solution. In addition to generic printed materials, we have extended our product line to paper gifts & premium. We believe that time is money. With our extended services, our clients can save much more time in coordination between the production house and the printer & premium vendor.

Ching Ah never stops looking for ways to provide hassle-free printing services to their customers. We will continue to strive in raising our service quality so that our clients can experience a truly new standard of printing. That’s why we believe we can make a difference.

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