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LANGUAGE 語言: ENG | 繁中 | 简中

Delicate Manufacturing Together With Sincere Services


We always be your true partner in printing related services!

  • Flexible Order Quantity
  • Reasonable Price
  • Excellent Reputation
  • Environment-Friendly Production

The Philosophy

Printed materials would always be the major images of your brand to impress your customers with...

Be it packaging, direct mailing or product catalog, printed materials always represent a brand by leaving a first impression to customers. We are committed to providing professional advice on highlighting the brand image and product feature in all printed materials.

The Culture

Being customer oriented is the first rule of all of our company’s staff...

Our focus is working closely with our clients and adding value for them in everything we do; taking care of all their printing needs and suggesting new packaging ideas to fit their marketing plans.

The Products

Tailor-made printing products to meet your needs…

We provide a wide variety of tailor-made printing products ranging from shopping bags, packaging boxes, hang tags, plastic seal tags, shoe cases, product catalogs, direct mailing leaflets as well as visual displays. To offer great flexibility to our clients, we offer rather low minimum order quantity to them.

The Clients

Proud of being a reliable partner of our renowned clients...

We strive to gain trust and confidence from our clients with high quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and sincere customer service. Our extensive client base covers a wide spectrum of industries such as retail fashion and apparel, jewelry, toys and overseas retailers. Our solid experience in the field keeps us ahead of the learning curve to perfectly fit with the clients’ needs.

Lastest Project


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